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BANGLADESHI Recipe (Sandwich with Cooked Spread by Alpana Habib)--81

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Spicy Indian Flour Chips Recipe by Manjula

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A fast n easy to make simple and healthy Indian Chana Dal stuffed Paratha recipe !!!

An fast n easy to make simple and healthy Indian Chana Dal stuffed Paratha (Indian Bread) recipe for breakfast or dinner.

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Egg Curry Bhurji Recipe

Egg Curry also known as Bhurji is a great way to add protein to your diet and is also fantastic for breakfast, lunch, and in this recipe, for dinner. Eat this meal with whole wheat roti, or...

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South Indian Idli Recipe

Idle Recipe Video.

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Chole Bhature

Punjabi Chole Bhature Recipe - North Indian ...

12 min
Watch how to make delicious and tasty Chole Bhature, the popular Punjabi North Indian Dish ...

Masala Poori

Indian Food - Masala Poori Preparation - YouTube
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Pengal neram cookery show,This show is full & full for ladies especially for housewives and ...

Chicken Nawabi

Chicken Nawabi - indian Restaurant Cooking ...
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This is a very popular dish in my restaurant and here is how to make chicken nawabi, you need ...

Tarka Dal

How To Cook Tarka Dal - Indian Restaurant ...

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Tarka Dal,lentils sizzle in garlic has a wonderful garlicky taste and flavour.http:// www ...


Onion Pakora

ONION PAKORA recipes Indian food How to cook ...

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This is a recipe for onion pakora. http://www.howtocookgreatcurry.com You will need garam flour ...

Banana Flower Sabzi

English: Banana tree (Musa x paradisiaca) male...
Banana tree (Musa x paradisiaca) male inflorescence  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kelfulachi bhaji in Marathi

Time: 20 minutes to clean | 20 to 25 minutes to cook
Serves: 4 to 5 person
Watch video at the bottom to learn 'How to clean Banana Flower'
1 Kelful (Banana Flower)
1/4 cup dry Black chickpeas or black Vatana
For tempering: 1 tbsp oil, 1/8 tsp mustard seeds, 1/4 tsp cumin seeds, 2 pinches Hing (Asafoetida), 1/4 tsp turmeric powder, 1/2 tsp red chili powder
1 tsp Maharashtrian Masala (Goda Masala)
2 tsp Jaggery
1 tsp Tamarind pulp or 2 Kokum (for sourness)
1/4 cup fresh grated coconut
Salt to taste
1) Soak Chickpeas overnight (atleast 6 to 7 hours) into warm water. Then pressure cook until tender (approx 3 whistles)
2) Peel the outer skin from the banana flower. Remove the small white flowers inside. Separate each flower. As you peel deeper, you will notice the small flowers are smaller, whiter and very delicate. Also, you will find big, white yet very delicate stem inside. You won't be able to peel anymore. At this time, stop peeling. Cut the upper half of this white stem. We can use it too.
How to clean small flowers
3) Remove the long stem (with head like matchstick) inside each flower along with the outer feather. Clean all the flowers likewise. Chop them finely. Make small bunches to chop them in less time.
4) Prepare a deep bowl of cold water with 2 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp turmeric. Immediately, immerse the chopped banana flower into it. Let it soak for 3 to 4 hours. This will help to remove stickiness from the chopped banana flower.
5) After 3-4 hours, drain all the water and also squeeze out water from chopped banana flower. Steam cook in the pressure cooker (around 2 to 3 whistles).
6) Heat oil into a pan. Prepare tadka by adding mustard seeds, cumin seeds, asafoetida (hing), turmeric powder, red chili powder. Add steam cooked black chana and banana flower. Also add Goda masala, salt and tamarind pulp. If you want little liquid in the curry then add little water. Cover and cook for few minutes. Then add jaggery, mix nicely. Cook for few more minutes.

Once sabzi is done, add fresh grated coconut and mix. Serve hot with Chapati. Email this recipe to friends and family!  
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Spice Board Of India

Indian spices
Indian spices (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  The website for the Spices Board of India, an official agency of the Indian government, can be found here.

Since the export of spices from India is a major business--and has been from the time of ancient Rome--the Spices Board website has a great deal of information. It is of interest primarily to businesses. But the typical visitor can find a treasure trove of useful information at this website also. For example, some of the categories that might interest a visitor include:

Taxonomic Classification of Spices
Plant Organs Used as Spices
Extraction Methods
Functional Role of Spices
Antioxidants Isolated From Spices
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More about South Indian Culture video

Viji Teaches Me More about South Indian Culture and ...
17 min
In this giving gratitude video, I thank Viji for 'going out on a limb' and offering Tamil Brahmin cookbooks to everyone across the ...

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Are Turmeric Capsules Effective?

The same thing has been found with resveratrol, SAM-e and other specialty nutrients. If they are not protected from stomach acid by an enteric coating, they do not make it to the bloodstream.

Enteric coatings are not necessary for common vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C and calcium, or even some antioxidants like lycopene and lutein, but they are necessary for curcumin and many others. Most herbal supplements are capsules filled with powders. The maximum milligram per serving that you will see for curcumin is about 600mg. If 10,000mg do not increase blood levels, then 600 certainly cannot.

You might think that taking turmeric capsules is better than nothing. If you are concerned about digestive health, then the capsule may be beneficial. But, there are not enough studies to confirm that. Right now, we are still waiting on clinical studies to be conducted. All of the research, except for that concerning bioavailability, has been conducting using cell lines and animal models.

Kelfulachi Bhaji - केळफूलाची भाजी

Banana Flower Sabzi in English

Email this recipe to friends and family!  
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Choosing Tea For Chai

This 1850 engraving shows the different stages...
This 1850 engraving shows the different stages in the process of making tea in Assam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Masala Chai, Masala Tea, Spice Tea
Masala Chai, Masala Tea, Spice Tea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Assam tea is one of the strongest blends of tea you can find on the market. This tea can withstand the aroma and flavor of almost any spice. You can make chai spiced with cloves and black pepper and Assam tea's flavor will stand on its own. Assam tea is great choice for a spicy tea and for tea with potent spice mix.

Darjeeling teas have a strong yet delicate flavor. It works well with sweet, aromatic spices and flavorings like vanilla, cardamom, etc. If you are using Darjeeling tea, use only one spice or flavoring for best results. Darjeeling teas are also expensive.

English Breakfast tea is the most easily available and economical tea blend. It has strong flavor and can combine with most spices. You can use both aromatic and strong spices with this tea. The strength of brew can be easily varied by steeping the teas for longer period or using a larger quantity of tea leaves. If you are using strong or multiple spices, consider using 2 tea bags to make one cup of tea.

You do not have to have different types of teas to make chai with different spices and flavors. If you making chai for the first time, start with the tea you have in your pantry or get any black tea that you have enjoyed in the past. Add a little extra tea to make a strong brew. Add the spices you want, milk, and sweetener to make the chai.

You may be able to use teas with delicate flavors like green tea, oolong tea, etc., if you are using only a single spice and small amount of milk. Currently green tea chai is becoming a hot trend. It is not a traditional beverage. Green tea does not do well if you boil it. It tends to leave a bitter taste in the brew. This limits the amount of flavor you can extract from green tea. In spite of this, you can get a tasty beverage with green tea. Use a mild spice and double the quantity of tea leaves.

You can use teas blended with herbs and spices to make chai. You will not need to buy extra spices. Just boil the blended tea in water and milk to make your cup of chai. I have even combined a tea bag of regular black with a tea bag of herbal tea like ginger tea to make a cup of ginger chai.

However, do not use teas blended with flowers or fruits to make chai. These teas have their own character and often do not go with milk.

Anu Agarwal, Author of "All About Chai" available exclusively at http://www.chai-recipes.com . The book is a treasure of tea related information and includes a brief history of tea, information on health benefits of tea and various spices used in chai tea, a huge glossary of tea terms, and 45+ Chai recipes. 100's of other beverage recipes available as a free bonus.
Article Source: Choosing Tea For Chai
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Fish Fry Mangalorean Style video

Indian Roast Chicken recipe

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Curry Leaf Plant (Murraya koenigii)

Curry leaf plant (Murraya koenigii)

The aromatic leaves of this plant are used to flavor many Indian dishes much like bay leaves, especially in curries with fish or coconut milk. The original Indian word "Kari" refers to the sauce of these piquant dishes, hence the name curry leaf. Curry leaves are extensively used in Southern India and Sri Lanka, but are also of some importance in Northern India. Together with South Indian immigrants, curry leaves reached Malaysia, South Africa and Réunion island. An easy to raise plant, that needs full sun, grows to 1-3 feet in containers, minimum temperature 55°, blooms in the summer. It should be moved indoors during winter months, except in Southern Florida. Plants are 2-3.5" growing in 3" pots.

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Curry Leaves Chutney Powder: An Aromatic Affair!

English: Veg. thali
Image via Wikipedia
“What are they?” asked British lady standing right next to me in Asian grocery store.
“Its curry leaves”, I replied.
“Oh! So curry powder is made from these leaves then?”

I just met another person who thinks curry powder is made from curry leaves or some part of its tree and I am sure that there are many more like her who thinks the same! I, along with my friends here in BC and many other food bloggers, have been stressing that there is nothing called “Curry Powder” in Indian cuisine. Now that I have told that curry leaves are not used in making curry powder, shall we go one step ahead and explore the fragrant routine of discovering how curry leaves are used in Indian cuisine?

Bangalore - Bengaluru - Karnataka

Česky: Chrám Dharmarája Svámí v indickém Benga...
Image via Wikipedia
On a recent visit to Bangalore, I was proudly shown the new kitchen some friends had installed in their home. It was a modular, “no carpenter required”, Italian-style kitchen and they were very excited about it. After the tour, my friends took me to the market where they shopped. It looked nothing like the markets I remembered from my days in Bangalore in the early nineties when I studied engineering there. Folks were buying exotic herbs, foreign vegetables and fermented dosa batter, ready to use.

There is major change in the air as urban India’s eating and cooking habits evolve. Why the change? There are two factors at play here. First, the healthy economy is contributing rupees to India’s 300 million–strong middle class, and these new consumers have a spending power of $10.6 billion, rising by 12 % a year. This increased disposable income is fueling a revolution in the way people cook and eat in urban India.
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Dink Ladu (Edible Gum Laddu)

Dinkache Ladu in Marathi
Yield: 25 to 28 medium Laddus
Time: approx 1 and 1/2 hour

200 gram Dink (Edible Gum)
Ghee - Little less to 1/2 KG
1 cup Mung Flour
1 cup Soybean flour
3/4 cup coarsely ground Almonds
3/4 cup coarsely ground cashew nuts
3/4 cup coarsely ground Pistachio
1 cup dried dates powder
1/4 cup raisins
1 cup dry coconut, grated
1 nutmeg, finely grated
3/4 KG good quality Jaggery

1) Heat ghee into a wok. Deep fry dink. Keep the fried dink into a plate. Roast mung flour and soybean flour in the remaining ghee.
2) Roast ground almonds, cashew nuts, pistachio and dates powder separately. Use 1 to 2 tbsp ghee with each roasting.
3) Dry roast grated coconut. Grate the nutmeg and make fine powder.
4) Then mix all these ingredients (roasted flours, roasted dry fruits, nutmeg, fried dink, roasted coconut)
5) Add 1 cup of water to a pressure cooker. Put 1 container inside the pressure cooker. Add grated jaggery to it, keep the container open. Then pressure cook upto 2 whistles.
6) Immediately after pressure releases, take the jaggery container out from the pressure cooker. Transfer the jaggery to a big Thali (Plate). Add the prepared mixture to the jaggery. Mix and make Laddus while mixture is hot.

1) If you don't have pressure cooker, put the grated jaggery in a nonstick pan. Add 2 to 3 tbsp water. Let the jaggery melt over medium heat. Once all the jaggery is melted, turn off the heat and add the mixture prepared in step 4.

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India Spice Explained

India Spice

photo credit

Indian Cooking Explained

By: Dave Text
Indian Cooking is so different from other cuisines in that there is not one style used for all dishes. The taste of each dish depends on the region it originated in.

Punjabi Dhaba video

Punjabi Dhaba Indian Cuisine
15 sec

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Pani Puri

photo credit

From this site:
Let me take you through the process step by step!

To make the pani, get the mint, coriander, chili and tamarind pulp ready. Puree it together for the pani. Refrigerate till served.

To make the Puris

Prepare the dough the semolina, cover with a muslin cloth for nearly 1 hour. Either roll our as a big circle, press down with a sharp lid to get same sized circles. Like This:

Heat a pan with oil, quickly drop in the rolled puris, and cook them till golden colour. Trick here is to get the oil hot and them drop in the puris.

Once all done, ensure you spread it for cooling, else the puris will become soft. Only after it is completely cooled should you store them in a container.

Then serve with the pani!

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4 more Delicious Eggless Cake Recipes

Ingredients for Cookbook:1-2-3-4 Cake. From le...
Image via Wikipedia
What better to try these delicious cakes – without the eggs. Most of these cakes come from popular Indian chefs and carry an Indian flavor to them.

(Note: Almost all of the cakes requires baking in an oven or a microwave with baking facility)
4 delicious recipes are featured here:
1. Eggless Chocolate Sponge Cake
2. Eggless Fruit Cake
3. Butter Cake without eggs
4. Eggless Cherry Cake with almonds
This soft and yummy sponge cake takes about an hour to make and serves 6 people.

Health Benefits of Spices

photo credit

Here is another website which approaches the topic of Indian spices from a scientismic angle. Note that I do not use the recognizable word 'scientific'. 'Scientism' is, in my vocabulary, at least, a blind attempt to copy the language of science in order to make something which is not scientific appear scientific.

By that I mean that spices are spices. We use them because they have a fundamental appeal to us. They make things taste good. They may have other properties, which might be described in ayurvedic terms. But we use them because they do their job well and they are relatively cheap.

It's only later -- if at all - that we consider other properties of herbs and spices, which might or might not get us to use scientific terms. But almost nothing science says will disturb our path. We spice things up becasue we want them to taste better, not because our science teacher says they're good.

Thus, take this paragraph from the above website with a grain of salt (a food flavoring, but not a spice):

Cardamom: It is an aromatic spice which is commonly used in Indian curries, gravies, desserts, pilaf rice dishes. The cardamom seeds contain oil which helps to stimulate digestion and relieve flatulence. It helps in countering stomach acidity. When its powder sprinkled on coffee, it acts as aphrodisiac. It generates appetite, aids in nausea. Also, it cures bad breath problem. Mix a handful of crushed seeds in a half cup of water with some ginger root to relieve indigestion.
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